Tree services are a group of professionals that specialize in caring for and maintaining the beauty and vitality of trees. They offer a wide variety of processes that contribute to the prosperity and growth of trees on both residential and commercial properties. They can help you maintain the health and safety of your trees by pruning, trimming, and treating them for diseases, among other things. These experts can also give you advice regarding the best practices to keep your trees in pristine shape, including watering them, getting rid of pests, and treating them with the right product solutions to ensure they thrive.

They can also be hired to provide emergency tree services, such as removing fallen limbs or branches from storms. Additionally, they can remove the stumps left behind after the removal of a tree, which is often requested by homeowners who want to avoid the hazards and eyesores caused by a lingering tree stump.

These professionals have the expertise and knowledge to safely and effectively perform these tasks using various equipment, such as wood chippers, chainsaws, wood saws, and cranes. They carry the necessary liability insurance and follow standardized safety practices on the jobsite. They can also assess a tree and explain to its owner the reasons for recommending partial or complete removal of a tree.

If the tree is in a dangerous location, such as leaning precariously or near power lines or structures, it may be required to be removed. The tree service will begin by creating a plan to guide the fall of the tree, which typically involves cutting a notch on one side and then making another cut to force the tree to fall in that direction. They will also use a crane to lower large branches to the ground and clean up the debris afterward.

To reduce the risk of injury to customers, tree service professionals should be certified arborists and belong to the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). They should also have a valid business license and liability insurance. Additionally, they should be familiar with the proper pruning techniques and know how to properly dispose of discarded tree materials. In addition, they should be knowledgeable about the various types of trees and the soil in which they grow to promote healthy growth.

A well-established tree service company will have a website and social media accounts where they can post photos of their work and provide information about their services. They can also advertise through local community events, such as garden expositions and cottage shows, where they can meet potential customers.

To promote their tree services, a tree service company should print and distribute flyers and postcards in neighborhoods where they can reach potential customers. They should also leave lawn signs with their business name and contact information for customers to find them in the future. In addition, they can use Google’s Local Services ads to reach people searching for specific tree services within a certain radius.