Wool clothes for babies and kids are a great option when it comes to keeping your child warm and healthy. They regulate body temperature, absorb moisture vapor from the skin, and are breathable (which helps to keep your baby cool).

These natural fabrics are not only good for their health, but they also look great! They are lightweight, wick away sweat, and are easily washable.

Merino wool is also incredibly durable and long-lasting. Unlike other synthetic fibers, it resists wear and tear. You don’t need to replace merino wool base layers very often. And they’re easy to hand down or resell when the time comes!

Nui Organics makes a wide range of functional and beautiful wool clothing for kids. They are a New Zealand-based company and work closely with factories that are committed to environmentally sustainable and fair social conditions within the apparel industry.

The company’s merino wool baby blankets are the perfect gift for your newborn. They’re soft, snuggly and made of pure merino wool that is certified organic.

Ella’s Wool makes merino wool mittens canada pants that stretch – a feature that is especially important for quickly growing children who can wriggle around in pants or leggings. The ribbed knit is stretchy enough to grow with your baby, and the cuffs on the tops can be rolled up or down. The fabric is also a little thicker than other ribbed knits, which keeps your baby warm while not being bulky.

Wee Woollies is another small Canadian family-owned and operated company that makes a range of kid-focused merino base layers. Their wool shirts and pants come in a variety of styles, but their newest addition to their line is the ribbed merino wool tube pant – an extra-stretchy, longer ribbed pant that is designed to be worn year round.

TK Clothing is a small, eco-friendly company that has been around since 2009. The brand makes cloth diapering materials, leggings, hoodies, rompers, dungarees and some adult merino base layers. They sell their merino wool products on their website.

They offer a wide range of sizes for both boys and girls in their wool shirts and pants. Their wool hats are especially cute and are made with a soft, organic cotton t-shirting base that’s crafted in New Zealand.

Iksplor makes merino wool base layers in a size range of newborn to 12 years, with the most affordable option being their wool base layer set (long-sleeve shirt and pants). The set is priced at $84, but they also have several other options that are a little more affordable.

These merino thermals are a perfect choice for those who want the benefits of merino wool, but don’t like to spend a fortune on them. They have a couple thoughtful design features that help them last: ribbed knits on the sleeves and legs allow for additional stretch, and a reinforced knee patch adds some additional durability to the pants.

Reima’s onesies and bodysuits are made from a 72% wool, 28% lyocell blend that’s soft and comfortable. They have a nice selection of colors, including grey and blue.